Chakra Chat: How to Manifest Your Dreams using the Chakra System

Manifestation, how do you feel about it?

I used to feel whatever about it, like come on, isn’t goal setting good enough. Next conversation. As expected, my initial reaction was driven by F E A R because anything new – like manifestation – feels intimidating. I tried to get into LOA (law of attraction), but it didn’t resonate. I didn’t know where my place was in the manifestation space and yet I felt left out with everyone talking about it, practicing it, and getting results from it. 

That is until now….. 

Since discovering the manifestation current of the chakra system, taught by Anodea Judith (queen chakra bee), I now understand and deeply appreciate the art of manifestation. I’m a systems kinda girl, I T H R I V E within a well defined process, so using the chakra system to manifest my dreams is what works for me.

It makes the most sense. It feels the best. It creates the most I M P A C T.

If you’re new to manifestation like I was or have been tip toeing around the concept wondering where you fit into this sorta-kinda-not-actually-that-new practice, I invite you to take a seat. Sit back. Read this blog post. Explore manifestation through the lens of the chakra system, then decide for yourself…..

Does this process make sense to you?

Does it resonate with you?

Does it motivate you?

Does it open a new doorway to your potential? 

I have a sneaky feeling you’ll be saying yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes (like Shonda Rhimes did), but first, let me do my job and teach you the power of manifestation using the chakra system. Here we go. Let’s talk energy. 

What are the Chakras? 

Before we can comprehend manifestation, we must understand the chakra system, period. 

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The chakras are inner chambers that reside within your subtle body (aka your energy body, the one you can’t see, but you can definitely feel). They are the organizing mangers that receive, digest, store, and express the life-force energy you experience from the moment you breathe to your very last breath. Simply put, they manage every droplet of energy that enters your body. This includes all your bodies, not just the physical one.  

There are seven major chakras situated along the spinal column, starting at the base of your spine and ending at the crown of your head. You can visualize your chakras as colorful, vibrant stepping stones that build a bridge, a bridge that when aligned, creates unity between universal polarities. Polarities like:

  • Heaven and Earth
  • Spirit and Matter
  • Mind and Body
  • Expansion and Contraction
  • Universality and Individualism 
  • Freedom and Boundaries

You can imagine the chakras as rooms within a home, your body being the external component of the home and your chakras being the inner chambers. Each room, just like the home you live in, is responsible for receiving, digesting,  storing, and releasing different energetic qualities. In the book Chakra Yoga (affiliate link), Anodea Judith talks about how our bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living rooms all serve a unique purpose.

Each room should have enough space to accommodate it’s intended purpose. It should be clean and organized, the proper tools should be available, there should be doorways to enter and exit, and there should be access to light (both external and internal). Now let’s apply this concept to a real room in our home.

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The kitchen should have a refrigerator, countertop, sink, possibly a dishwasher, and a place to sit. It should definitely be clean and organized for an enjoyable experience. There should be a door to enter into and out of. It should have a source of light to see, whether it streams in from outside or within. And lastly, a kitchen is a gathering space where we connect over our most primal need: eating. As such, the energy should be nourishing, comforting, grounding, and joyous. 

Similarly to your kitchen, your chakras also need everything mentioned above to operate at their highest level. 

Are you beginning to visualize these inner portals that lie within your energetic body? You are. Awesome. Let’s keep going then. 

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The classical system includes seven chakras and two currents of energy that they are situated upon. The chakras are an in-depth study and each one deserves it’s own dedication of exploration, but for now, know that each one has a correlated purpose, color, element, sound, identities, demons, rights, developmental markers, excess and deficient qualities, and balancing exercises.

Below are the seven chakras and what their purposes and elements are. I’ve listed them in the classic order that follows the liberation current, but more on that in the next section. 

  1. Muladhara, Root Chakra, Earth, Survival & Stability
  2. Svadhisthana, Sacral Chakra, Water, Emotional Wellbeing & Pleasure 
  3. Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra, Fire, Power, Will, Self-Esteem
  4. Anahata, Heart Chakra, Air, Love, Relationships, Connection 
  5. Vishuddha, Throat Chakra, Sound, Communication & Creativity 
  6. Ajna, Third Eye Chakra, Light, Intuition & Imagination 
  7. Sahasrara, Crown Chakra, Thought, Awareness & Alignment 

Liberation & Manifestation Currents: 

Take a moment to visualize the core of your body with these seven energy centers attached to the midline. See them spinning within you, receiving energy that’s coming in, digesting the energy, storing what it needs, and releasing what doesn’t serve a purpose. Use your internal vision to picture the chakras situated along the vertical column of your spine, creating a bridge of unity, wholeness, and alignment. 

Isn’t that a beautiful sight. 

The path or direction that the chakras follow are called currents. The most commonly talked about one is the liberation current, it starts at the root chakra, the densest of the elements (earth), and ends at the crown chakra, the most expansive element (thought).

The liberation currents seeks to liberate us from fixed forms, attachments, and limitations by moving away from lower chakra activity (having, feeling, doing) and towards upper chakra experiences (loving, speaking, seeing, and knowing). The goal of this energetic highway is freedom and universality. It’s a common spiritual practice as it’s widely taught within many religions, studies, and cultures. As a species, we want to feel and be liberated, don’t we?

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But here’s the thing, we live on the earth plane, and as such – we cannot only reside within our head space dreaming away the day. This is where the manifestation current  comes into play. 

The manifestation current is a map to bring consciousness down to reality. It seeks to condense energy and move towards shape and form by descending downward through the chakra system. It starts at the crown chakra (thought) and travels downward to the root chakra (earth). It seeks to condense upper chakra energy (dreaming, visualizing, speaking, connecting) towards lower chakra creating (doing, feeling, having). The goal of this energetic highway is enjoyment and individuality. 

This is the energetic current that helps us manifest the hell out of our dreams! Yes please!

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And it’s the one we’ll be using during the Manifest Your Journey series, so shall we take it a step further and explore how it works? 

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Chakra Manifestation Process:

Crown Chakra 

The manifestation current starts in a limitless, expansive, infinite, boundary-less space. Think total freedom. Think no rules baby. It’s here that we connect to the universe and bring it’s energy down into our individual galaxy (aka our conscious). As we invoke these energetic qualities, we open our awareness to new thoughts, ideas, intentions, dreams, and visions. 

The manifestation principle is Consciousness Creates. 

The guiding practices are spending time in stillness (hello meditation practice, I see you), setting daily intentions, asking big questions, stepping into the sacred, learning and studying new material, and becoming aware of and upgrading your personal belief system.

It’s here that your manifestation journey begins. 

Third Eye Chakra

As we establish stillness, space, and new beliefs, we create a gateway for the energy to descend into the third eye chakra. It’s here that we turn our vision inward to discover our life purpose through past patterns, dream what our ideal life is, choose a dream to manifest, and design a vision vehicle to carry the dream we choose. 

The manifestation principle is Vision Vitalizes. 

The guiding practices are continuing to spend time in silence, strengthening your ability to imagine, visualizing your path to the earth plane (the completion of the dream), and trusting your intuitive hits. 

Throat Chakra 

Once you choose a dream to manifest, it’s time to communicate your intention to others (and yourself). This is the first energy center to include others and as such, it’s easy to get tripped up. Many of us have no problem dreaming, but we do struggle with sharing our dreams for fear of others belittling our ideas (or energy). So, we stay silent and keep them inside.  

The manifest principle is Communication Catalyzes. 

The guiding practices are communicating your dream to others, telling your story like it matters (because it does), broadcasting your vision to others, opening yourself to feedback and criticism, setting your first goals, and developing an internal dialogue with your chakras. It’s here that we strengthen both our external communication and our internal ability to listen (meaning respect your energy, give it a chance to speak, and heed it’s feedback, advice, and intuition). 

*Manifestation tip from Anodea Judith: Talk is cheap, do lots of it! I love this advice and can attest to it’s potency in helping bring dreams down to reality! Hello moving onto a sailboat, I talked about it for three years, just ask my past co-workers!

Heart Chakra 

Ready to keep descending? Your dream is now beginning to take on more shape and form as it travels further down the manifestation current. In the heart chakra space, we enter into the social realm of relationships where co-creation is necessary. It’s here that embrace help from others and establish the right relationships and create a supportive network. 

The manifestation principle is Love Enlivens. 

It’s also here that we connect with our heart and ask ourselves, what do I love about my dream? 

This question lays an important and meaningful foundation without the ego’s needs (which are introduced at the next level), creating an authentic, enjoyable, and long-lasting dream. 

Solar Plexus Chakra 

With your heart firmly leading the way, your dream and efforts can now enter the active phase of manifestation. Doing is the central activity of the solar plexus and the element is fire! It’s here that we learn how to command our power, strengthen our will, become proactive, plan each step to the earth plane, practice aligned action, and remove obstacles that stand in our way. 

The manifestation principle is Power Produces.

Be wary of this energetic step during the creation process, as it can be very tricky. Many are either paralyzed when it comes to action and they remain in the upper chakra levels – dreaming, visualizing, speaking, and connecting –  while others overdo “the doing” and burn out. I’ve done both, a thousand times over, and am finally learning how to balance this energy center. 

Sacral Chakra 

Once our solar plexus is activated (the fire is burning bright), we must nourish our actions through sustainable practices. It’s here that we embody the sacral chakra water element and learn how to flow downstream towards our dream, releasing resistance to what’s not aligning. We also embrace fun as a way to combat seriousness, develop and enhance our relationship with pleasure, and learn to attract first what we need, and then what we want.

The manifestation principle is Pleasure Pleases. 

Admittedly, I struggle here. I will always choose seriousness over silliness, work over fun, doing over pleasing, and yet when I allow myself to embrace the flow like quality of water, my entire life experience is brighter (including my energy, marriage, self-care practices, and work efforts).  

Root Chakra 

The journey is almost complete, there’s one last step before we land on the earth plane. As our dream enters the final stage of manifestation, it’s here that we must fulfill our commitments (aka finish our projects), make sense of our money beliefs and finances, practice having our dream, embodying our body, connecting with the earth plane, and completing the manifestation process. 

The manifestation principle is Matter Matters.

It’s also here that we celebrate, rest, and enjoy our efforts, give and receive gratitude, and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Andddd now all of your dreams can come true!

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Okay maybe it won’t happen that easily, but at the very least, I hope you can visualize this process happening regarding your personal dreams. I hope you can see the map from consciousness to reality, bringing your dream from absolute nothingness to a physical manifestation. I hope you can feel empowered knowing that there is a process, a very well thought out process, and that your dreams can take shape and land within your personal plane. 

All you have to do is follow the rainbow bridge of your energy system and commit to manifesting your journey! 

And if you need help, because who doesn’t, come join me to bring these steps to life through our yoga practice, the provided workbook, and specific chakra exercises.

I’ll meet you on the mat yogis, xx. 

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