Build a true-to-you
yoga toolkit.

All the resources you need for your transformation, in one cozy place.

Body Mind Soul Studio

A close-knit yoga family learning how to leverage holistic yoga practices for real on-and-off-the-mat change.

The BMS Studio gathers the most powerful yoga tools I’ve learned over the past ten years, offering on-and-off-the-mat transformation that lasts.

Here, you’ll trade a watered down practice for one that helps you feel empowered, fulfilled and whole, all with the strength and support of a community that gets it. The studio is an approachable, holistic experience that goes beyond the pose or one limb by integrating yoga psychology systems like the koshas and chakras, traditional yoga elements like the eight limbs, and personal development teachings that provide whole-human care.

what does total transformation look like?

  • Step-by-step guidance for wise progression
  • Empowering & educational yoga courses
  • Real-time events for community connection
  • Yoga classes for every season of living
  • Private FB Group where no-fluff conversation happens
  • Digital yoga home that delivers a brick and mortar studio experience

Doors are open, come meet the BMS Studio.


What They're Saying!

Real people. Real transformation.

  • “I can’t tell you how much it felt like being in a brick and mortar yoga studio. You guys have created something very special here.”


  • “I have a wonderful support system to celebrate my imperfect actions every day. Now I am doing regular meditations, on & off the mat practices, and starting a new job.”


  • “BMS Studio really has become an integral part of my day – how I start my day – how I end my day.”


  • “I can finally say I am living the yogic lifestyle I always imagined I would.”


  • “The studio has been the biggest source of inspiration for me this whole year.”


  • “I am probably the oldest member but always feel welcomed. I continue to learn so much and enhance my life.”


  • “I have learned so much about myself since I joined last February.”


Body Mind Soul 200HR YTT

Become a
holistic yoga teacher!

Join us for an intimate and authentic, 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training.

Where holistic isn’t just a buzzword.

It’s the foundation for how we practice, teach and lead.

Allie and purposefully chosen faculty will guide you through sadhana, scripture studies, sequencing, anatomy, practice teaching, contemplation, foundational business concepts and more as you partake in this challenging, yet meaningful training. Allie will be your lead trainer and mentor as you dive in and develop the skillsets to become a teacher. With more than 10 years of experience and a passion for yoga’s holistic nature, she is the visionary behind this training, as well as the Body Mind Soul Studio where hundreds of students practice yoga daily.

The next BMS 200HR YTT starts in October 2024.

Ready to grow beyond the pose?


What They're Saying!

hear from our graduates

  • “I’ve been a yoga student for 30 years and always dreamed of becoming a teacher one day. I couldn’t find a training that felt holistic, authentic and professional until this one.”


  • “I would highly recommend this YTT to anyone looking to deepen their studies of yoga. Whether you want to teach or not, what you will learn is truly transformational!”


  • “I can’t imagine a better, more comprehensive training!”


  • “Enrolling in this program has been one of best decisions of my life.”


Live Your Journey Yoga Retreats

One of my favorite ways to practice yoga with you:
our in-person yoga retreats.

It’s like a vacation, but one that actually leaves you refreshed.

Live Your Journey retreats foster body-mind-soul transformation by offering thoughtfully designed teachings and soul-refreshing experiences in a stunning location.

retreats at a glance:

  • Expertly curated curriculum
  • Potent yoga practices
  • Nourishing Food
  • Adventure Experiences
  • Restorative Rest
  • Forever Friendships

Our retreats are stress-free and immersive experiences, with built-in community, planned-for-you experiences, and soulful on & off the yoga mat practices.

We plan every detail: all you have to do is say “yes!”.