I'm Allie!

Welcome to the fam.

I’m a yoga practitioner (like you), 800 hour certified yoga teacher, founder of the Body Mind Soul Studio, CEO of a multiple six-figure company, wife to Myers, and mama to Scarlett Rose (my newest title).

live yoga off the mat

From workout to inner work.

I started my yoga journey in a discount hot yoga class, looking for a serious sweat (delivered!), toned abs, and a way to ease the disappointment I was feeling.

After years of hot vinyasa yoga, hoping that the heat would ring transformation outta me, I learned a better way. I discovered that if I really wanted to “live my journey” and have the freedom and fulfillment I was seeking, I needed a yoga practice that would support me on-the-mat (like it was already doing), and off-the-mat and in my day-to-day life.

So I searched beyond the pose and the superficial promises that so many of us are sold, and realized that only practicing one way or one limb was barely scratching the surface of what was possible.

When I learned to leverage yoga as a whole, it helped me break free from my self-defeating bullshit, gain clarity and confidence, and live with greater purpose.

Ten years later, my yoga practice has taken me from half-assing life to quitting the cubicle, sailing the world, falling deeply in love with my husband, and building an empowering yoga community and business.

 Most importantly, I’ve gained the freedom & autonomy I needed at my core.

Yoga taught me how to play it big, and go all in.

Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of women use yoga to:

Find their center.

Access their inner wisdom.

Shift their mindset.

Manage difficulty & hardship.

Care for their body.

Awaken their soul.

Build a life they love.

Wanna experience more of this?


My Journey: Then & Now

Take a trip down memory lane to see how a decade of practicing yoga transformed me on & off the mat.


  • Graduated college
  • First 9-5 marketing gig
  • Toxic partying lifestyle from feeling unfulfilled 


  • First yoga class (almost puked)
  • The yoga studio became my sanctuary
  • Had an existential crisis, knew I was made for more


  • Moved to Florence, Italy with friends
  • Traveled to 13 countries in Europe
  • Kept practicing yoga religiously


  • Moved back to sunny Florida
  • Created The Journey Junkie blog
  • Traveled to SE Asia with Myers, my soulmate


  • Second 9-5 marketing gig
  • Shifted blog to share my yoga journey
  • Completed 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training


  • Third and final 9-5 marketing gig
  • Myers proposed on the beach
  • Started teaching yoga locally


  • Married Myers after dating for 8 years
  • Launched my YouTube channel
  • Quit teaching in yoga studios, shifted to 100% online
  • Created my first online yoga challenge, the 30 Pose Journey


  • Realized I could build a thriving business
  • Launched my first online course: Body Mind Soul Detox
  • Made $70k in sales, more than my annual salary
  • Trained with chakra expert, Anodea Judith


  • Quit our 9-5’s, sold everything, bought a sailboat to travel the world
  • Moved to the Caribbean to begin our sailing journey
  • Led my first yoga retreat in Costa Rica
  • Trained with Anodea Judith (again)


  • Founded the Body Mind Soul Studio
  • Crossed the Pacific Ocean (18 days at sea)
  • Led yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Bali and Mexico


  • Led year-long chakra manifestation program
  • Led 6th sold-out yoga retreat
  • Completed a 2nd 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • Got stuck in the states (thanks, Covid)


  • Made a baby – we’re pregnant!
  • Completed 300 HR YTT with Yoga Psyche Soul
  • 1,000 members strong in the BMS Studio!
  • Gave birth to a healthy baby girl that changed our world
  • Said yes! to building our first home


  • Created the Body Mind Soul 200 HR YTT program
  • Started teaching in yoga studios again
  • Grew BMS Studio to 2,000 members
  • Mentored 21 yoga teachers to grow a profitable, empowering business

Manifesting this!

My Mission

Empowering women to lead wholesome, fulfilling lives with confidence by leveraging a holistic yoga practice

Whether I’m teaching my BMS Studio fam, filming a new YouTube yoga class, or creating a self-study guide, I’m here to help women build a supportive toolkit for on-and-off-the-mat change that lasts. It’s my job to make yoga like this as approachable as possible for you, because I know that you’re so close to a life-changing practice that will lead to your very own metamorphosis.

  • 11+

    Years Practicing Yoga

  • 7+

    Years teaching yoga

  • 800+

    hours of yoga teacher training

  • 150000+

    subscribers on youtube

  • 257+

    classes on Youtube

  • 1000+

    yogis in the BMS Studio

  • 34+

    courses created

  • 6+

    retreats led worldwide

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coo & integrator

I’m a yogi because: it’s how I find wholeness within myself.


BMS Studio & Community manager

I’m a yogi because: it’s how I stay grounded and mindful in my everyday life.

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