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My YouTube yoga channel offers you a wealth of body, mind, soul wisdom for free. Join me to take care of yourself, from head to toe.

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If you wanna get your head to your toes, there’s no shortage of videos on YouTube. My YouTube channel is a holistic collection of classes, challenges, and off-the-mat lessons that will help you learn and leverage the whole yoga system, not just one pose or limb, and support your expansion and evolution.

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Wake up with Power

My 7-day morning yoga challenge playlist includes energizing & relaxing sessions to infuse your morning routine with purpose and clarity.


Brush up on the Basics

My 4-part Back to Yoga Basics Beginner challenge is the perfect way to start (or deepen) your practice. I’ll teach you how to hold dozens of common yoga poses and transition safely from one to the next. In just four easy classes, you’ll gain serious confidence on the mat.

Learn the Basics

Cleanse your Chakras

Holistic yoga is more than a series of poses. My 16-class chakra cleansing playlist takes you through the entire system starting with the root chakra and ending at the crown. Dive in to discover each chakra and experience balance and healing.

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Burn Baby Burn

Yoga Body Bootcamp is my 7-day yoga challenge that includes power & vinyasa flows to build strength & flexibility. Each class is a 20-30 minute sweat breaker, designed to tone your core, butt, arms, and legs. Get ready to stretch, strengthen and appreciate your powerful body.

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I wanna learn it all!

If you want a holistic, step-by-step yoga process, The Yoga Reset Guide is for you. The Reset Guide is my FREE 7-step journey to deepen your practice and recenter your body, mind and soul. Self-paced, no equipment necessary, perfect for beginners AND veteran yogis.

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