Yoga Tutorial: Crow Pose

Crow pose or bakasana is usually one of the first arm balances that yogi’s experience.

And what an experience it is.

Hovering above the ground with only the palms connected, it’s surreal and magical all at the same time.


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Like a crow, yogis feel as though they’re flying, floating, and light as a feather. Okay, that last statement was a bit overboard. Light as a feather can be true BUT don’t get it twisted, this pose requires a lot of core strength, balance, and coordination.

So how does the aspiring bird learn to soar high?

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Read below for a step-by-step tutorial from yours truly ↓↓↓

Bakasana – Crow Pose


  • strengthens the arms and wrists
  • strengthens and tones the core muscles
  • stretches the upper back
  • improves balance
  • prepares the body and mind for more difficult arm balances
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Step 1:

  • Plant the hands and spread fingers wide – really connect down through the entire surface of the hand.
  • Bend the arms and create a shelf for the knees to rest upon. This requires some experimenting with what works best for your body. Feel free to bend and move around until you find that sweet spot.
  • Try to get the knees as high up onto the triceps as possible. I like to come up onto my tippy toes, send my hips high, and then connect knees to the back of my triceps.
  • Gaze forward and find a drishti point – a spot to bring your attention to. Don’t let the eyes move from this focal point.
crow pose tutorial, bakasana, asana

Wearing: Love Light Stones & Glyder Apparel

Step 2:

  • Continue to gaze forward and focus your eyes on that drishti point (mentioned above).
  • Suck the belly up and in towards the spine. The core is the center of our being and also our balancing mechanism. The more engaged the core, the more stable the posture is.
  • Keeping the knees connected to the back of the arms, begin to lift one foot off the ground. Then switch and try lifting the opposite foot – simply flirting with the idea of flying.
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Wearing: Love Light Stones & Glyder Apparel

Step 3:

  • Now it’s time to fly!
  • Build the shelf with the arms – think chaturanga alignment here.
  • Connect knees to the back of the triceps.
  • Gaze forward and bring belly up and in.
  • Lean forward and lift both feet off the ground.
  • If they lift, bring big toes together and pull them in towards the booty.
  • Stay here OR begin to work towards straightening the arms (crane pose).

If the idea of picking both feet off the ground is absolutely ludacris (which it can be), add a block to to help assist.

See below for how to do this:

arm balance, yoga blocks, yoga props crow pose, yoga props

Crow pose + blocks:

  • The block can be placed in front of the hands for the head to rest on.
  • Bring your head to the block and let it aid in both balance and support.
  • If getting the knees onto the back of the arms is a problem, try placing a block under the feet to get the hips higher.

Now that we’re all flying high and soaring above the ground, be sure to continue practicing this pose.

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All yoga postures require muscle memory for the body to perform it well, so keep at it. The worst case scenario – you fall forward, laugh at yourself, and try again.

Yoga is just as much about being playful as it is being focused.

Enjoy these moments of discovery and learning, it’s truly the sweetest part.

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If your practice has waned, if your yoga journey feels lonely or you like the way I share yoga’s teachings, then this is where you need to be. Join me once a month, for free, to practice yoga as a community.