How to Face Your Fears as a Yoga Teacher

Hello aspiring, newly certified, kinda got your mojo and been there, done that yoga teachers. And also, hello to any community teacher or person who teaches, leads and inspires a group of people.

The below tips are an outline of how to face your fears as a yoga teacher and beyond. These tips & tricks come directly from personal experience and I hope, like cross my fingers hope, that by sharing them you’ll find a moment of ease, fluidity and confidence.

Listen, teaching is hard.

There’s nothing easy about creating space for people to learn, explore and discover. You’re the facilitator, the speaker, the friend, the confidant, the therapist and the leader.

You run the show.

And with running the show comes a level of responsibility to deliver and perform. Is it normal to be nervous, anxious and a bit shaky in the beginning, middle and end?


Is it normal to doubt  yourself, deem yourself not worthy, and wonder why the hell you got into this mess in the first place?


And is it normal to hide behind your fears, never take the stage and hold back your epic  gifts.

Of-fucking-course NOT!

See what happened there journey babes?  I called us out on all our biggest fears and inner critic bullshit, and at the very end, the place where we want to quit – I said no way.

  • You became a teacher for a reason.
  • You feel called to teacher others.
  • You want to inspire.
  • You have a gift to share.
  • You have a message to send.
  • You have a destiny to fill.

Now all we need is the framework to help us get there. Let’s dive in babes, your how to face your fears guide is waiting!


1. Practice

Like with anything we pursue in life, practice will make the journey easier (not perfect).

When preparing any type of yoga class or meditation, I write out the sequence first & then practice it at home, fine tuning the movements, inserting a yoga pose here, removing a yoga pose there.

In the very beginning, like teacher training beginning, I practiced with my momma bear, friends at work, my husband, and my mother-in-law. This was crucial to overcoming mega fears and the nervous nelly jitters.

Once you’ve experimented on family and friends, then move into the solo practice stage – you + your class plan = the best, most effective result for the students.

2. Come Prepared

This one’s kinda a given, but in the yoga/wellness community, there’s those that don’t like the prepared idea. Some teachers just have all the goods within them…..

That’s not me, no bueno.

I write down all of my yoga sequences in a notebook, I read the sequence a few times over before the class (I memorized it in the beginning), and I keep it by my yoga mat at all times.

The students could care less if you have notes, don’t ever feel weird about this. Better to have notes and deliver a badass, make you wanting more class, than an all over the place, disconnected experience.

p.s. – If you look close enough in my YouTube videos, my notebook is always at the top corner of my mat. 

3. Breatheeeee

When you step into the studio/classroom and your heart is beating out of control – stop and take a moment.

Recruit your breath, take five cleansing breaths, and allow your anxiety and nerves to seep out of you. Remember, just like we tell our students, the breath is key throughout the practice. Take your own advice yogi & breathe!

4. It’s Not about You

This tip worked wonders for me….and it still does to this day!

Whenever you’re teaching, leading and inspiring – it’s not about you, it’s about the people you’re serving. It’s not about your outfit, the playlist, how well you demo, the playlist…or any of that ish.

It’s about teaching to help your students, period, that’s it – done.

Always remember this, teach from this space, and you’ll quickly learn to calm the nerves/fears/inner critic.


5. Teach What You Know

Oooooh I love this one too!

Instead of being intimidated by all the yoga teachings out there, which there’s so damn many, stick to what you know and love.

For me, I practice and love power flow/vinyasa flow. Because this style is my jam, the language and sequencing came naturally when it came time to teach.

Now, this isn’t to say you can’t branch out.

But generally, teaching what you know and practice will foster a smooth transition and an organic experience (for both you and the students).

6. Enjoy the Journey

And lastly and probably most expected – enjoy your teaching journey!

Enjoy every single moment.

The incredible. The scary. The mistakes. The successes. The mishaps. The misspoken words. The forgotten pose. The random cue. The exchange of energy. The relationships made. The conversations had. Savasana. The student who gives it their all. The student who’s scared shitless. The student who shows up. The student who comes and goes.

And everything in-between.

Each moment leads to the next step, which creates and continues to create your journey.

Yoga teachers and teachers of all kinds – are you in the fear, anxious, unsure of yourself boat? Did this content help?

I truly hope it shines a bright light into the dark, scary abyss. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, will continue to go there, and will be patiently waiting on the other side.

Let’s Talk – Do you have additional tips for new yoga teachers? Did these tips help ease the nerves? What awesome stories can you share to support the community?

As always – questions, comments, concerns and general yoga teaching love is down below.

Until next time, xoxo.

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I wanna learn it all!

The Yoga Reset Guide is my FREE 7-step journey to deepen your practice and recenter your body, mind and soul. Self-paced, no equipment necessary, perfect for beginners AND veteran yogis.