Yoga Etiquette 101 for Beginner Yogis

Every world has rules. Even yoga. Mind you, we’re a pretty accepting bunch, but there are guidelines that us yogis like to follow.

Let’s just say it benefits everyone to stick to this yoga code.


Once you’re in on these yogi secrets or what some would call “yoga etiquette” – you’ll quickly begin to notice those who haven’t been enlightened. So do your neighbor a favor and help spread the dos and don’t of yoga. It makes for a much happier world and a way sweeter savasana. And we all know how important that posture is (don’t you do dare interrupt my last moments of peace)!

This post will be short and sweet, so let’s get to it! Below is Yoga Etiquette 101 for Beginner Yogis or really any yogi who just isn’t in the know!

1. No Shoes Allowed & Shirts Optional

Yes – you read that first rule correctly.

No shoes allowed in the yoga studio. For one, it’s a sign of disrespect to walk into a sacred space with shoes. And two, we roll our bodies all over the damn ground so please don’t track any germs or bugs or grass or dog poop into the yoga studio.

And regarding a shirt, it’s always optional, especially if taking a hot yoga class.

What’s not optional is a bra. Don’t even think about it ladies!

2. No Cellphones in the Studio – EVER!

This is a serious hell to the no!

People come to yoga to decompress, to disconnect, to find themselves, to get lost in their movement, and to just BE. No one needs to hear a phone ringing, vibrating, chiming, buzzing, etc. It’s incredibly disrespectful and a disturbance to everyone around you.

So please for the love of everyone – leave your phone either in the lobby or in your car.

The exception to this rule – if you’re waiting on an urgent call from family members or on call for work (like a doctor who’s performing surgery on type of call).

3.  Respect the Vibe of the Room

When you walk into the yoga studio, take a moment to feel it out.

Is the energy high with conversation and people connecting. Or is everyone quiet, contemplative, and moving slower.

If people are keeping to themselves and trying to get me time in before class, then follow suit. And on the contrary, if everyone’s chatting it up, then introduce yourself to your yogi neighbor. Try to blend in and flow with the current vibe of the studio, it’s appreciated by all.

Trust me.

4. Unroll your Yoga Mat Gently

This is a major pet peeve of mine and I used to be an offender too!


Here’s the deal – if someone is happily lying on their yoga mat and waiting for class to begin, then for love of peace and quiet, don’t unroll your mat and smack it down right next to them.

It’s a total vibe killer.

To ensure you’re not being a vibe killer, follow these simple steps:

  • Place rolled mat on the ground.
  • Slowly unroll it – quietly.
  • Position the mat to be in line with other yogis.
  • And sit your booty  down, it’s time to relax before class!downward facing dog, beginner yoga posture

5. Bring a Towel

Any type of towel will do but general rule of thumb – bring a hand towel.

I gravitate towards vinyasa/ power flow classes that generate lots of sweat. Sweat requires a towel.

Easy as that.

In all seriousness though, a towel can aid in a lot more than just sweat wiping.

I like to lay a towel over blocks or bolsters before laying any body part on them. A towel can also be used in postures that require the shoulders to rotate and open – think gomukasana arms. And lastly, a towel is great to drape over the eyes in savasana. Total black out equals relaxation and mini nap time.

*If attending a hot yoga class, bring a beach towel or purchase a yoga mat towel to cover the entire mat. And still bring that hand towel, maybe even two!

Congratulations – you’re now an enlightened member of the secret yogi club!

I grant you an all access pass to invite as many people as possible and to spread the “yoga rules” like wildfire. I’m not joking friends – please tell every damn yogi you know!

Let’s Talk – What are your biggest yoga pet peeves? I know a million and a half were left out BUT I promised it would be a short & sweet one.

Please comment below with your yoga must-knows, suggestions, comments, or just general love.

Til next time yogis – xoxo.

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If your practice has waned, if your yoga journey feels lonely or you like the way I share yoga’s teachings, then this is where you need to be. Join me once a month, for free, to practice yoga as a community.