Yoga Class for Digestion, Bloating and to Feel Relief When You Overeat

Welcome to your yoga class for digestion, bloating and to feel relief when you overeat. 

Step on your yoga mat today for a gentle class that’s designed to aid in digestion and elimination so you can move with ease and feel freer and lighter throughout your day. The class begins with belly down breathing to create abdominal spaciousness and then moves into twists, squats, cleansing breath techniques, more twists both standing and seated, and finally an integrative rest (aka savasana). Bring a yoga blanket or chunky towel, you’ll need it! 

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Now this blog post is airing around the holidays, so it’s only appropriate that I speak to them. In my family we make, share, and enjoy an abundance of food together, because after all we’re pizza bagels here — one part Italian and one part Jewish. This means we take food very seriously, sometimes too seriously, but nevertheless we love our nourishing, comforting meals. 

I imagine you do too.

And I also imagine that like me, you find yourself overeating and then feeling lethargic, foggy, uncomfortable in your skin, and possibly battling the inner critic who’s giving you all sorts of shit. Shit like… you shouldn’t have eaten that, drank that, had seconds, had dessert, sneaked a third midnight meal, you’re fat, you suck, the holidays suck, my family sucks, why does this happen every year… That voice sound familiar? Oh yes it does. 

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So how about this holiday season (or always) we do something different.  How about we accept the mashed potatoes, enjoy the scrumptious stuffing, and have that slice of pie, but then come to the mat to replenish and take care of our bodies.

To find relief from annoying family members, that overstuffed feeling or the inner critic who’s always got an opinion on everything. To find spaciousness in every form that it can possibly exist, like in our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. And to move with ease and believe that regardless of what we’ve eaten, that our body still loves us unconditionally. Now how in the world can you do this this season? 

Well, on the mat with me and with this new yoga for digestion practice. 

This new gentle yoga class has been designed to provide relief when you overeat and to help you digest with a bit more ease. And when I say digest, I mean digest everything… The thankfulness and happiness, the forced conversations and disagreements, the upheaval of inner child wounding (this always surfaces for me), and eating leftovers for breakfast (another classic for me). 

Come join me this season (and always) to take care of yourself —  body, mind and soul.

I promise this class will not only help you feel better, but also shift into a high-worth state so you my friend can love and appreciate the current season. 

And one more thing before you leave me. 

Comment I MOVE WITH EASE on the YouTube class so I know you’ve read this and are committing to this intention with me. 

Click here to move with ease with me

Meet ya on the mat,

Allie, xx 

PS – I’ve always overeaten at the holidays and my remedy has always been to lay on my belly. My family loves to tease me about this, so this is where we’ll begin the practice… breathing on our bellies! 


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If your practice has waned, if your yoga journey feels lonely or you like the way I share yoga’s teachings, then this is where you need to be. Join me once a month, for free, to practice yoga as a community.

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