Third Eye Chakra Yoga: Eagle Pose Practice for Clarity & Understanding

Tell me sweet pea, do you ever feel like your mind is so full of thoughts that you lose sight of your vision? You begin to veer from your truth, following what feels comfortable – self-doubt, comparison, distraction, easy entertainment, and fear – all because your thoughts drown out your heart’s desires.

I’ll answer this question for both of us. 

Yes, I lose sight of my vision almost every other moment. Yes, I follow what feels familiar. Yes, my thoughts speak louder than my heart. And YES, I am ready to try something different.

Welcome to your third eye chakra yoga practice to illuminate your path, gain clarity and insight, and gaze in the direction of your dreams. 

This class was inspired by my work within the chakra system, specifically while preparing for a chakra workshop, and it’s also a reflection of my recent thoughts, feelings, and emotions surrounding who I am and the daily choices that I make.

Ready to start seeing clearly again? Let’s dive in babe. 

Your third eye chakra, also known as ajna, is your energetic center that assists you in gaining insight, guidance, and wisdom. You can connect with this space through actions like centering, stillness, imagination, and visualization. If you’re new to the chakra system, an important aspect to tune into is how each chakra is operating.

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Is it deficient, excessive, or in tune?

When it comes to your third eye, the space between your brows, these are helpful indicators.

  • Deficient – denial, cynicism, close-mindedness
  • Excessive – delusion, hallucination
  • Balanced – clarity, vision, wisdom 

I fall somewhere between deficient and balanced, with a deeper lean towards being deficient. Where do you fall? Give yourself a moment to think about this. 

Let’s travel further into your third eye chakra.

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The related element is LIGHT, and how appropriate because your eyes are what receive and assimilate all of the light, color, form, and insight that your mind experiences. But like I touched on in the beginning of this conversation, often times our vision can become blurred through daily tension and traumas.

This is the journey friend, to clear away the blurriness and make your vision crystal clear again, and here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Welcome Stillness 

This energetic center is the precursor to the final chakra, sahasrara, which brings us to a place of infinite potential, and where the main action is meditation. To prepare for this chakra, we must practice welcoming stillness.

Have you ever seen a lake first thing in the morning? The surface is calm and quiet, barely a ripple to be seen, and the reflection of the tress and surrounding area stare vividly back at you. But as the day goes on, the lake welcomes visitors, animals, elements like wind and rain, and the tranquility of stillness disappears, only allowing you to see bits and pieces of what it was like early in the morning. 

This lake is like your mind. 

Your life is a reflection of your consciousness. In order to see  your path clearly, you must first become still like the peaceful lake in the morning (aka take time to sit with yourself and breathe). It’s within this stillness that clarity and understanding can start to visit you, support you, and guide you on your journey. 

Step 2: Tap into Your Command Center

The name of this chakra is ajña, which means to perceive and to command. Our eyes are how we see the world that surrounds us and it’s through our consciousness that we perceive the world’s meaning. 

But the goal here isn’t to just “see”, we want to truly see with all three of our eyes, to fully perceive what our purpose is in the very short period of time that we exist. 

So how do we truly see?

Let’s start with perception. We all perceive things, like dreams, memories, and insight. These are passive forms of seeing as we receive and experience most of them without trying. 

To bring our vision back to a state of balance, the work lies within our ability to command our eyesight. All day, every day, in every moment we create pictures in our mind that command our reality. These pictures are what shape our experiences, especially when it comes to manifesting and creating the life we desire. 

Think about this truth. 

Every moment of your life is an opportunity to create an image (aka reality) based on the perception of what you see. The next time you see something that blurs your vision, can you focus your gaze to reframe the picture? Can you transform your old ways of thinking into new ways of being? 

I believe you can and I believe I can. Let’s continue onward. 

Step 3: Focus Your Drishti

You’ve probably heard the phrase “focus your drishti” while practicing with me, especially when we transition into balancing postures like warrior III, tree pose, or arm balance and inversions. By focusing your gaze, you can hold yourself steady in the posture, right?  But what does that word mean in relation to your third eye chakra? 

Drishti means gaze and as we are learning today, what we gaze upon focuses our attention, and where our attention is focused becomes our present experience.

…… where your attention goes, your energy flows.

This principle becomes incredibly impactful when it comes to balancing this energetic center. If you focus your attention on what’s wrong with yourself, your work, your practice, your health, or your relationships, this perception will darken your experience. If you focus on appreciating the good (hello gratitude), your experience will begin to shift. 

Here’s a great example.

Instead of focusing on my body’s aches and pains that deter me from stepping on my yoga mat regularly, why not appreciate that I can move in the first place, that I have the tools to aid my healing journey, the time to do strengthening exercises, and the support of those who surround me.

Hello change in perspective, aren’t you refreshing! 

Your turn, where can you shift your perspective to create a different experience? 

Step 4: Practice Yoga (with me)

And lastly, but absolutely not least, come experience this entire conversation through your yoga practice. 

Today’s yoga practice was designed with your third eye chakra in mind. The sequence builds up to eagle pose (garudasana) with a mixture of twists, core work, standing postures, and balancing postures. Once we reach our peak, we wind it down with relaxing floor postures and a moment in stillness. 

You might be wondering though, why eagle pose Allie? 

This posture is great way to tune into your drishti and focus your awareness on what matters, especially when it’s paired with the conversation we had here. Plus, below are a few more reasons this posture was chosen. 

  • Develops focus in your third eye
  • Develops balance and concentration
  • Develops willpower
  • Increases clarity
  • Strengthens the legs 
  • Improves circulation
  • Promotes digestion 
  • Detoxifies the body

Okay friend. We covered a lot here today. You are now armored with the insight and tools to command your vision and create the reality you desire. Now it’s your turn to do the work (the hardest part, I know).

When you’re ready, I’ll be waiting on the yoga mat, ready to help you begin.



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If your practice has waned, if your yoga journey feels lonely or you like the way I share yoga’s teachings, then this is where you need to be. Join me once a month, for free, to practice yoga as a community.

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