Sacral Chakra Yoga Class: Reconnect to Your Emotional Wellbeing

Welcome to your sacral chakra yoga class that invites you to reconnect with your emotional wellbeing through specific sacral chakra movements and the permission to feel your feelings.

Now what does that mean?

Here’s my interpretation and if it resonates, amazing, and if it doesn’t, I still invite you to experience the sacral chakra yoga practice with me.

Within each of us lies an energy body, also known as the subtle body. It’s the layer of our being that goes unseen and yet affects much of our experience. Ever have this experience? One moment you are happily connecting with your partner or loved one, and the next moment you are feeling tension, jealousy, disappointment, and anxiety – all because a familiar name was mentioned. This name is attached to a negative experience that resides in your energy body, an energy that hasn’t been given the permission to heal.

Why does this happen? This happens for two reasons.

First, we have been conditioned to repress and suppress our emotions, so that we don’t create ripples in society. How many times have you felt something, like an all consuming feeling, and yet it’s socially unacceptable to share how you feel? Hello most workplace environments, religious/organized entities, family relations, marriages, and friendships.

The second is our personal fear of sharing how we feel, being judged for how we feel, and then needing to sit with the discomfort of feeling those feelings.

How many times have you been at the precipice of sharing your true emotions, only to cut yourself off for fear of the repercussions? 

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I am guilty of doing all the above, a thousand times over, and am slowly learning how to not let society rule my emotions and not let conditioned fear rule how I behave. 

If you’re with me and nodding your heading alongside me, then imagine this.

For every moment, instance, conversation, and situation that you’ve chosen to suppress and repress emotion, a block has been created. And each time we choose repressing over feeling, we strengthen that block a little bit more, and a little bit more, and little bit more.

Until finally, we have armored our energy/subtle body from the inside out and are no longer connected to how we feel.

Is this resonating? 

These internal blocks usually center themselves around our energetic centers, also known as the chakras. The chakras are an energy system that run the length of your spine, starting at the base and ending at the crown, they are situated on nerve plexuses inside the body and correlate to different developmental stages and energies that we feel as spiritual beings having a human experience. 

They can be thought of as an internal map that can guide your individual healing, how incredibly cool is that? 

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And for today’s yoga practice, we are landing on the second charka to guide our emotional awareness and healing. Say hello to your sacral chakra, the energetic center that governs your emotions, sensations, feelings, intimacy, sexuality, and the ability to create. 

Your sacral chakra is located in the womb space, residing between your genitals and navel. It is a vulnerable space that many of us already feel disconnected from due to current physical body standards. Just think, how often do you contract your stomach and attempt to suck it in? How often do you let your belly literally and figuratively hang out, with the figurative aspect being your emotions?

I imagine the answer is not often, because we’ve been taught to suck it in, suck it in, suck it in.

Well friend, today I invite you to let it all hang out – how refreshing is that, yeah! 

As we move through gentle, yet powerful movements together, I invite you to tune in, listen to what your body is communicating, and allow yourself to feel all the feels. Don’t shy away. Don’t suppress. Don’t be nervous. Don’t overthink it. Don’t overdo it. 

Allow yourself to just be in the moment and witness the emotions that surface. Afterwards, you can write down what came up for you, but then also notice how emotions/feelings/sensations are felt and cycled through you on a day-to-day basis. Can you let emotions be energy in motion? Can you stay open even in an uncomfortable situation? Can you ride the wave of sensation?

Now to be clear, this isn’t a one and done thing, reconnecting with your emotional wellbeing. This is an every-moment-kinda process that requires vigilance and willingness. There’s no perfection on the quest to embody your energy body, only the soft gaze on what matters in each moment.

This soft gaze can be attuned to all sensations, feelings, and emotions….. even to obvious everyday things like hmph, I need to use the bathroom, let me pause for a moment, and go feel that. Or I feel tired at the moment, let me disconnect from my devices and close my eyes for a bit. Or I am satisfied from this meal, let me stop eating now before I am overly full. 

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Okay, I believe we understand the importance of feeling our emotions, so now let’s quickly talk about today’s sacral chakra yoga practice you are about to experience.

The entire practice will be on the floor and it only consists of five movements, that’s it! Below are the names of each movement and a few guidelines to help you practice at home, on your own!

Sacrum Rocks

  • Lie down on your back with bent knees, feet planted, palms down by your side
  • Relax your entire stomach, including your sacral chakra
  • Push into your feet and begin to rock forward and back on your sacrum
  • Allow your chin to lift up and down
  • Choose to increase the pace or stay in a slower rhythm
  • If your belly begins to turn on, remind it to release
  • Feel the sensation underneath your sacrum and the stale/stuck energy releasing from the movement

Windshield Wipers

  • Bring feet as wide as your yoga mat and arms out to a  T
  • Allow your knees to fall over to one side of your mat, and then the other, and repeat
  • Choose to pick up the pace, stay in a steady rhythm or stop and pause in a sticky place
  • Tune into the sensation happening underneath your sacrum (aka sacral chakra space)
  • Remember, breathe babe!

Knee Circles

  • Bring knees towards the chest and place your hands atop the knees
  • Keep your knees together and begin to create circles on the ceiling, going one way, and then the other
  • As you create knee circles, notice how the floor massages your sacral chakra and if there’s a difference from one side to the other

Flapping the Wings

  • Release your legs out to the side, bringing soles of the feet together
  • On your exhale breath, push into your sacrum, and bring your knees towards one another
  • On an inhale breath, guide your knees back towards the earth
  • Continue this opening and closing movement, allowing trembling to happen in any moment
  • Notice the prana building in your sacral chakra as you move and breathe here, and imagine it dissipating blocks you might have

Leg Rainbows

  • Bring your arms out to a T shape and extend the legs towards the sky, keeping the legs together and the feet flexed
  • Open your legs into a wide-legged position
  • Begin to guide the knife edge of your right foot towards the ground, keeping the legs as open as possible until the foot reaches the ground
  • Once the foot connects, bring the left foot to rest atop, and then gaze towards the left
  • Guide your tailbone towards the left and feel the sensation from your tailbone, up through the backside body, and out your left arm
  • On your next breath, return your gaze to neutral, lift the left leg towards the middle and revisit the wide-legged position
  • Now guide the left knife edge of the foot towards the earth, keeping the legs open as wide as possible until the foot touches down
  • Once the left foot connects, guide the right foot to rest atop of it
  • Gaze right and feel the sensation from your tailbone up and out through the right arm
  • Continue moving like this, creating rainbows with your legs

Once your sacral chakra movement is complete, we will seal the experience with a short meditation experience.

Ready to start feeling with me? I’ll meet you on your mat, xoxo. 

Sacral Chakra Yoga Class: Reconnect to Your Emotional Wellbeing

Sacral Chakra Yoga Class: Reconnect to Your Emotional Wellbeing

Sacral Chakra Yoga Class: Reconnect to Your Emotional Wellbeing

Sacral Chakra Yoga Class: Reconnect to Your Emotional Wellbeing

Sacral Chakra Yoga Class: Reconnect to Your Emotional Wellbeing


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If your practice has waned, if your yoga journey feels lonely or you like the way I share yoga’s teachings, then this is where you need to be. Join me once a month, for free, to practice yoga as a community.

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