Power Yoga Practice to Embody Your Best Self


Welcome to your power yoga practice to embody your best self through movement, breath, and intention.

Today’s yoga class experience is an invitation to come back to what matters, re-evaluate your actions, forgive yourself for what already happened, and then decide if you want to lean further into this best self work.

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Now let me provide some context to what motivated the best self power yoga class, in hopes that my current reality resonates with what you might be feeling. 

I am sealing a two week experience that included a yoga teacher training and visiting family, and having been away from the states for over 10 months, it brought back a lot of my old behaviors. 

Behaviors like indulging in food that doesn’t serve my body (yes dairy, I am talking to you babe), while also overeating way past my capacity. This was a common behavior of mine before moving onto the sailboat, eating until I was numb, then wallowing in discomfort and judgement.

I found myself back here, immediately. 

I also lost my daily meditation practice, which has become a pillar of support to regulate my nervous system and keep constrictive, consuming thoughts at bay. Instead of meditating, I found myself laying on the couch, staring into a brightly lit screen, when what my psyche needed was a invitation to stare within. 

Bedtime, what is that? I’m a notorious night owl, but hot damn did I take advantage of unlimited internet. I was up past midnight – every single evening – doing who knows what. Not reading. Not listening to a bedtime meditation. Not journaling. 

…… can you guess what I was doing, staring into a screen, again. 

Lastly, let’s talk about judgement. 

I witnessed myself judging everyone and everything, making it difficult to enjoy the moment and spend time with loved ones. This is an area where I struggle, a lot. The more I go down the rabbit hole of becoming my best self, the more I judge others who are not doing the work. This internal battle became even more prominent as my best self practices unraveled. 

So you see, this woman is in dire need of a reset, which is what led me to create both today’s class and the upcoming free yoga challenge. 

Now before you unroll your mat and embody your best self, I want to quickly cover what you will experience inside the Body Mind Soul Reset (if you choose to say yes).

  • Three days of exclusive, brand new content
  • Strengthen + Tone Yoga Class
  • Calm Your Mind Meditation 
  • Inspire Your Mind Worksheet
  • Awaken + Fuel Your Soul Yoga Class
  • 3 Day Food Guide Reset  
  • Challenge Calendar
  • Daily emails to keep you motivated
  • FB Live gatherings every evening! 

Whether you feel like me – disconnected from your integrity – or want a container to lean further into the best self you want to embody, there’s an impactful experience waiting for you.

Impactful because in only three days, you will effectively reset your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, while having the support of an entire community (think thousands of people embodying their best selves right beside you). 

Ready to join me? Click here to register for the Body Mind Soul Reset. 

Okay babe, I believe we are more than ready to step on our yoga mats, set the intention to come back home – body, mind, and soul, and take the necessary steps to meet and be our best selves. 

As always, I will meet you there, xoxo. 

Power Yoga Class to Embody Your Best Self - Pin now and start flowing!

Hey! I’m Allie.

I’m a self-growth student, freedom-seeker, yoga teacher and the founder of a tight-knit online yoga community: the Body Mind Soul Studio. I’m here to teach you how to transform your life on-and-off-the-mat with a holistic yoga practice.

I wanna learn it all!

The Yoga Reset Guide is my FREE 7-step journey to deepen your practice and recenter your body, mind and soul. Self-paced, no equipment necessary, perfect for beginners AND veteran yogis.

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I wanna learn it all!

The Yoga Reset Guide is my FREE 7-step journey to deepen your practice and recenter your body, mind and soul. Self-paced, no equipment necessary, perfect for beginners AND veteran yogis.

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