Office Yoga: 10 Minute Routine to Release Tension

Office yoga is weird, I get it.

The majority of us sit in an open space environment where privacy is at an all-time low, the desks are ergonomically fashioned yet completely suck, and the chairs are designed to provide all over body comfort, but yeah fucking right – isn’t that a joke.

Currently, I sit in this type of environment and lovingly call it – Cube Land.

Yes, I sit among rows and rows of cubes, co-workers, keyboards banging, mouses clicking, conference call babbling… and let me tell you, it’s exactly what I’d prescribe for the soul.

Are you sensing the underlying sarcasm yet?

Obviously, I’m not one for this style of living….and truthfully, who the hell is?

Like when did sitting all damn day and staring into a brightly lit screen become popular, healthy and recommended? I’d argue that none of us belong in this scenario, but I’m not running for president anytime soon, so we’ll have to table this subject matter for later.

But in the meantime, while I prepare for my campaign, I figure the least we can do is move our bodies, connect with our breath, and release some of that workplace tension we love to create.

How does that sound, awesome right?

I thought so.

Below is a 10 minute yoga routine to release, reconnect and refuel for a better YOU!

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1. Centering

Come to the edge of your seat, plant both feet into the ground hip-width distance, and lengthen through the crown of your head.

Close your eyes.

Take five deep breaths to become present, aware, and focused on yourself.

2. Cat + Cow

Do five rounds of the movement – Inhale the chest up and open as you slightly arch the back, exhale to reverse as you round the back and relax the head and neck down. Use this movement to gently awaken the spine, stretch the back side body, and awaken the front side body.

3. Seated Twists

Take five deep breaths and complete on both sides. Use your inhale breath to grow tall through the crown of the head and the exhale to gently twist deeper. Use this posture to release stored tension in your side body and to combat irregular sitting habits.

4. Seated Eagle Pose

Interlace both the legs and arms, creating a bind that’s comfortable for you and hug into yourself by squeezing leg to leg and arm to arm.

Take five breaths and complete on the both sides.

Use this posture to stretch into your hips and release tension in the shoulders and upper back.

5. Seated Figure 4

This one is my all-time fave, it simply feels GOOD! I recommend it anytime you need to let go of some ish.

Take five deep breaths and complete on both sides. While holding, send your breath to the hip of the crossed leg and allow yourself to open, release, and expand here. With each moment, let the knee soften down and open.

If wanting more, you can lean the chest forward and down, bring fingertips to the floor, or trying a standing version by holding onto your desk or chair.

6. Hamstring Stretch

This one’s a bit tricky for the ladies, especially if you love to flaunt dresses or skirts (like me). If dressed appropriately and/or willing to flash the office a crotch shot, follow the steps below.

Start in a standing position and extend a leg + your fingertips to rest atop your chair. Keep your back and chest extended + expanded and breathe into the backside of your legs.

Stay for five breaths & complete on the other side.

7. Chest Opening Stretch

And lastly, finish your feel good, feel like a badass, feel like you could possibly break free of the office sequence with a chest + heart opening posture.

Start in a standing position with your fingertips resting on top of the chair. Walk your hips back as you extend your arms completely, imagine your hips are stacking directly over the ankles, and you’re creating a shelf like shape.

From here, allow the chest to completely melt between the arms, basically just hang it out.

Stay for five to ten deep breaths.

How are you feeling my office yoga friend?

I’m guessing your happiness levels have drastically increased, the smile across  your face has widened, the shoulders have released at least an inch down, and your overall self is feeling like a boss.

Yup, you are now boss status…..because you took care of you, the most important relationship we’re responsible for.

Enjoy the rest of your day, share this with a co-worker, and possibly consider escaping the cube life… if you do, email me, I’d love to know to your story!

Let’s Talk – Does your body ache from sitting all damn day? Did this quick office yoga routine help to release stress and tension for you? Is this a doable routine or is it too weird for your office setting?

As always – questions, comments, suggestions, and general yoga/life love is welcome below.

Until next time , xoxo.


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If your practice has waned, if your yoga journey feels lonely or you like the way I share yoga’s teachings, then this is where you need to be. Join me once a month, for free, to practice yoga as a community.

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