Moon Salutations: Full Moon Yoga Practice for Forgiveness & Clarity

Ready to forgive?

Forgiveness is an incredible gift to give yourself….. whether you apply it to your personal life, to others, or to situations that no longer serve you, there is a feeling of lightness and clarity once you decide to practice it.

And guess what dear friend, today I’m inviting you to do just that.

Welcome to your full moon salutation yoga practice with the intention to forgive.

As the full moon approaches, step outside and gaze up into the night sky….. say hello to the full moon, drink it in, feel it’s powerful pull, and recognize how it’s light illuminates the world that surrounds you.

Now, ask yourself these questions.

Can you allow the moon to illuminate your inner temple, to peer into the deep depths that you don’t regularly see, to peel away the layers that you often times don’t allow to be. 

I offer you a pause here. Close your eyes. Invite yourself to do this.

When you are ready, open your eyes, and stay with me.

The full moon and yoga are a beautiful partnership, the moon brings the healing powers of the universe, while the yoga practice brings it’s healing powers of movement and breath. Together, the full moon and our yoga practice, help us transcend the surface and sink deeper within.

Before we dive further into the moon salutations, let’s talk about the full moon and it’s significance.

First, I want to make it clear, I am a total beginnerrrrr when it comes to the full moon, and the lunar cycle in general. I’ve read articles, attended a few moon circles, connected with friends who are in this line of work, and have read Moonology, a book that teaches the basics.

But in no way am I a magical moon goddess, at least not yet.

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So, if you’re new to the full moon, here’s the must-knows:

  • The full moon is seen as the climax of the lunar cycle
  • The energies build and build until boom, we have a badass bright light above us (and sometimes, we experience some energetic madness)
  • This is a time to deal with our “stuff” – hello forgiveness
  • It’s about peaking and releasing old, letting go of lower energies that came from negative events, and releasing habits that are no longer serving us
  • It’s a powerful time for inner work, looking within, breathing through blocks, and shedding layers that no longer need to exist
  • We can use the full moon to work through: wrongdoings, drama, disappointment, guilt, shame, arguments, fears, and negative emotions

You might be wondering still…… but why forgiveness, why is this the underlying message of this cosmic event?

Give or take two weeks from now, the moon will enter into the new moon phase of the lunar cycle, aka there will no be visible bright light in the sky. This is a symbolic time to reflect on the past month and set intentions for the month ahead, except there’s a catch. If we enter into this ceremony with heaviness on our hearts, how can we possibly move forward and create the life we desire?

The answer is, we can’t. 

Okay, maybe you can try, but just imagine how heavvyyyyy your layers would become if you choose to not forgive? Do you truly want to carry all that life baggage with you?

I’m giving myself permission to answer for both us. No, we don’t want that and no, we will not live the journey feeling like an elephant lives on our chests. So yes, let’s absolutely practice forgiveness. 

Now, let’s switch gears and talk about today’s yoga class.

The sequence is a series of set postures that are known as the moon salutations (or in Sanskrit, Chandra Namaskar). The movements are repeated on both sides, linked to a specific breath action (inhale or exhale), and continually repeated for however long you choose to practice. In today’s yoga video, we flow for about 20 minutes, but if you wish to continue, by all means – keep it flowing!

Once you learn the sequence (aka memorize it), you can do this on your own as a way to celebrate the full and new moon. How cool is that, yeah? Below is a breakdown of the poses and what breath correlates to what postures.

Opening + closing – think of these as bookends to the entire practice

  • Exhale – hands at heart center
  • Inhale – hands reach up towards the sky + the gaze
  • Exhale – side body stretch to right
  • Inhale – back to neutral & hands reach up high
  • Exhale – side body stretch to left

Main Sequence  – perform on both sides to the back and front of the mat

  • Inhale – 5 pointed star
  • Exhale – Goddess pose
  • Inhale – 5 pointed star
  • Exhale – Warrior II
  • Inhale – reverse Warrior II
  • Exhale – Triangle pose
  • Inhale – runner’s lunge
  • Exhale – internal twist (see picture below)
  • Inhale – runner’s lunge
  • Exhale – external twist (see photo below)
  • Inhale – low-lunge (full expression)
  • Exhale – runner’s lunge
  • Inhale – Half Moon pose
  • Exhale – Pyramid pose
  • Inhale – wide-legged forward fold (neutral position)
  • Exhale – fold into wide-legged pose
  • Inhale – rotate left
  • Exhale – neutral position
  • Inhale – rotate right
  • Exhale – neutral position
  • Inhale – 5 pointed star
  • Exhale – Goddess pose

Now two final things, then I promiseeee we’ll start honoring the beautiful full moon.

There are two yoga postures and breath cues that I go over in the video introduction to help eliminate confusion. Please, perk your ears up and listen for this explanation.

And lastly, when you complete the full moon salutation sequence and you are ready to seal your yoga practice, I recommend turning to the forgiveness worksheet and putting pen to paper. You are perfectly primed to illuminate what’s not working in your life, to word vomit the habits, people, and places that don’t align, and take action to move forward and forgive.

Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.

Say it with me babe…. forgive, forgive, forgive.

Okay, big sigh, ready to meet me on your yoga mat?

I’ll see you there, xoxo.


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If your practice has waned, if your yoga journey feels lonely or you like the way I share yoga’s teachings, then this is where you need to be. Join me once a month, for free, to practice yoga as a community.

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