Goal Setting Guided Meditation: Manifest Your Goals into Reality with the Chakra System

Welcome to a very special, very personal meditation experience, that I’m honored to share with you.

Today, we will journey through the chakra system with a focus on goal setting and manifestation. Unlike most chakra work, we will start at the sahasrara chakra and travel to the muladhara chakra, using the manifestation current that lies within each of us.

So why is this a special meditation? Why so personal?

Let me explain.

I caught wind of the chakra system in my yoga teacher training, but wasn’t able to process the information at the time. Fast forward a few years later, a highly revered yoga teacher recommend a book (Wheels of Life). Like a good yoga teacher/student, I purchased the book, read it, and realized what all the hype was about.

The chakra system has got it going on, but hot damn, there’s SO MUCH information to digest, practice, and share. Where to even begin is how I felt?

Take it a few steps further, I’ve since created two programs around the chakra system, read a few more books, attended an intensive workshop, and have continued my studies on this miraculous system that lies within.

…. don’t be fooled, I’m still asking myself, where the hell do I begin!

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Now bringing this story into the present moment, I’m at a pivotal point in my life. I’m a yoga teacher, always a yoga student, and a person whose trying to find her way while navigating a new lifestyle. I have massive fucking dreams, endless to-do lists, the desire to grow my businesses into a retreat center one day, and I continue to ask myself…..

How? How? How?

Like how the hell do I really, truly achieve these goals that I’ve created?

This is where the manifestation current comes into the picture. By traveling downwards through the chakra system, we can manifest our ideas into reality (onto the earth plane) and identify where we get stuck, why we get stuck, and how to get unstuck.

It’s a beautiful experience and exactly what I’m offering you through today’s meditation.

As you close your eyes with me, you’ll be prompted to focus on a goal that you are trying to achieve, it can be a brand new goal or one that you’re already working on. Once you’ve identified the goal, we will invite the idea/goal into each energetic center, starting with the seventh chakra and ending with the root chakra.

At each energetic center, we will pause, visualize where the goal is and what needs to happen, then drop into silence for one minute. During this one minute, you’ll have the opportunity to embody both the chakra and your goal being manifested into reality.

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Once you’ve completed the manifestation meditation, I recommend taking it one step further to bring your thoughts into words and words in actions, by doing the below worksheet. This worksheet will help you process what came up during the meditation, get your thoughts out of your head, and begin the very real, very gratifying, very energizing process of goal setting (and achieving)!

Ready to manifest? Press play and let’s get started!

Before you go and in the spirit of always sharing my journey, below are the goals I’m working on over here. They are a mix of personal, health, relationship, and business, but all things that will propel me forward as a human being whose attempting to live her journey.

  • Daily meditation practice (guided, by myself, with a mantra, with mala beads, whatever works, I just need to sit my ass down and go within)
  • Work through the Practice You Journal
  • Daily yoga practice, even if it’s only one posture for a breath count of five, it counts
  • Continue my vegetarian/plant-based lifestyle
  • Decrease my alcohol consumpition
  • Study the chakras more in-depth (re-read Wheels of Life and read: Eastern Body, Western Mind, Chakra Yoga, and Creating on Purpose)
  • Complete the anatomy course from Yoga International
  • Learn how to sail and travel through the Caribbean
  • Be more loving and kind towards my husband, friends, and most importantly, myself
  • Launch a new yoga program to help people cultivate strength both and off their yoga mat
  • Continue reading, sharing, and leading inside the Truth + Dare Book Club
  • Create and share meditation packages with my business bestie via Truth + Dare
  • Lead my first ever yoga + meditation retreat with Carly (again, from Truth + Dare)
  • Enjoy everything I’ve created, the people who surround me, the environment I’m in, and the many experiences that have yet to come – aka the premise of living your journey!

Now it’s your turn to live your journey! Find a comfortable seat, hit that play button, close your eyes, manifest and mediate with me, then get to work. It’s time to manifest your goals into reality!


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If your practice has waned, if your yoga journey feels lonely or you like the way I share yoga’s teachings, then this is where you need to be. Join me once a month, for free, to practice yoga as a community.

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