Daily Chakra Yoga Routine | 20 Min Kundalini Pranayama

A warm, energetic hello to you, yoga fam!

Welcome to your 20 min daily chakra pranayama routine.

This class is dedicated to caring for your subtle or energetic body; the body that’s animating your moment-to-moment physical experience (literally!).

Here’s how this class will care for it ➡️

By traveling the rainbow bridge (aka your chakra system) that connects heaven to earth, mind to body, and spirit to matter. We’ll pair our breath with rapid movement to stimulate the rise of energy up through each chakra, resulting in a cleansed, refreshed and cared for body-mind-soul system.

Now if you’re new to the chakras, below is a quick lesson.

You, me, all of us, have seven inner portals that lie within us. These energy centers are situated along the spinal column, specifically connected to nerve ganglia. They are responsible for receiving, assimilating, and transmitting your life force energy – on a daily basis!

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As you can imagine, this daily sorting of human energy can get tricky, leaving some chakras overworked and hyperactive, while others have closed down and given up entirely. Every now and then, we have a chakra that’s spinning in harmony, totally tuned into our body’s subtle energy.

…how to get the whole system working harmoniously, that is the true journey, amiright?

Now let’s take this conversation a layer further, so you can better understand today’s class and untangle any disbelief or confusion.

(which btw, it’s ok to sit with those feelings too, we’re all about being students for life here!)

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I was (and still can be) a classic case of an overworked + hyperactive solar plexus chakra. I’m someone who can easily tap into my willpower, push by sheer force, and just keep “doing” because my ego lovesssss feeling important (can ya relate?)!

But the byproduct of an excess solar plexus chakra manifests as physical, creative, relational and spiritual deficiencies.

Just like in life, when one area demands more attention or is easier to give attention to, the others begin to slowly deteriorate and crumble.

I share all of this to bring us to the purpose of today’s pranayama practice.

This breathing practice was passed down to me via my Anodea Judith, my first and most revered chakra teacher, and it’s one that I believe can create radical transformation….. if you choose to practice it often.

It starts at the base of the pelvis, travels up the spinal column, stops at each chakra, and ends at the crown of the head. Each inner portal will receive new, cleansing energy, helping to restore your body-mind-soul system.

Now here’s the best part, in my opinion.

Each breathing technique is hand-crafted for each chakra, making this practice a potent tool to connect with your subtle vibrations, and understand how to work with your personal chakra system.

Now before I go scaring you away, because chakra talk can be intimidating, remember: I am here to guide you.

You show up. I share the powerful tools. You give yourself permission to be imperfect and embrace whatever comes up. I’m doing this right beside you! You surrender to the subtle vibrations. I encourage you to tune in AND while you learn about your energy system.

We both end feeling cleansed, centered and vibrant!

Ready to meet me on the mat?

Let’s do this!

Allie, xx


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If your practice has waned, if your yoga journey feels lonely or you like the way I share yoga’s teachings, then this is where you need to be. Join me once a month, for free, to practice yoga as a community.

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