Crown Chakra: Yoga Practice to Welcome Integration (The Chakra Challenge)

Welcome to Day 7 of the Chakra Challenge.

Our final day together.

Today’s chakra is the pinnacle of our work, it’s the culmination of the energetic centers beneath, it’s the integration of all seven wheels combined into one system.

Welcome to the sahasrara chakra, the crown chakra space. The seventh chakra is our source of enlightenment, our spiritual connection to something greater, our relationship with our higher selves, and deeper/acutely aware consciousness.

Let’s dive in.

The crown chakra has always felt the farthest from reach out of all the energetic centers within, it’s been the easiest to dismiss for me. Like yeah right, I am not going to reach enlightenment, and transcendence and spiritual consciousness, say what, I can barely meditate for five minutes, and integrate into oneness, that seems eons away for me.

And this same tape player of limiting beliefs has continued to surface each time I work, read, or flow with the crown chakra, I imagine you might feel the same way too. But my attitude has recently changed after finishing the last chapter from the noteworthy novel, Anatomy of the Spirit.

The author, Caroline Myss, has an uncanny ability to share the crown chakra in such a simplistic spirit that it becomes all too obvious how we can reach it.

Here’s a few snippets to help you relate:

  • It is the chakra of prayer and meditation.
  • It is the entry point for human life-force, which pours endlessly into the human energy system, from the greater Universe. This force then nourishes the body, mind and spirit.
  • The energy of the seventh chakra influences that of major body systems: the central nervous system, the muscular system, and the skin.
  • It contains the energy that generates devotion, inspirational and prophetic thoughts, transcendent ideas, and mystical connections.
  • The seventh chakra energy motivates us to seek spirituality, an individual experience directed towards releasing fears of the physical world and pursuing a relationship with the Divine. The sacred truth of this chakra is: Live in the Present Moment.

And maybe you just read all of that and feel more confused, and that’s okay too. The biggest takeaway for me is that it’s a journey of spirit, prayer, meditation, and devotion to a higher consciousness and beyond. Translate this to however you need to, but do try to take a thread of this knowledge and integrate it into your life.

For me, my constant complaining around not having a meditation practice is key. It’s shown up time and time again as I continue down this path, and yet, I refrain from doing anything about it.

This is where my work lives, in addition to prayer.

Yes, I prayed a lot growing up in a Jewish conservative home, think twice weekly visits to the temple and sometimes more, but as I grew older and more detached from my organized religious roots, a source of meaning and connection also disintegrated too.

Then came, the discovery of the yoga practice and the lifestyle.

This is where I rekindled my connection to my spirit. I felt myself come alive from every crevice and I’ve continued to ride this wave of connection ever since.

So again, whatever works to bring your spirit alive, go do that and keep doing it until the day you die (sorry to be morbid, fam).

Now that’s a lot of talking and diving deep, so let’s cover the must-knows and then step on our mats to finish this final class from the Chakra Yoga Challenge!

Sahasrara Must-Knows:

  • Located at the crown of the head.
  • The element is cosmic energy, thought, or space 🔮
  • It centralizes around integration, cosmic consciousness, enlightenment, transcendence, and spirituality.
  • The color is violet, envision glowing rays of violet surrounding the crown of your head.
  • The bija mantra is OHM

Today’s yoga class will be a full body, move into every crevice, awaken each space sequence. We will begin with a seated meditation chanting the bjia mantra – OHM, move through seated postures, strong standing postures, arm balances and inversions, backbends, and end with a sweet savasana to seal the entire sequence of chakra classes.

Throughout this final practice, I will bring our attention to all seven chakra centers, connecting the dots, integrating our energy, and preparing us to embrace the next journey.

Let’s get started ➡️

And just like that, you have learned, tapped into, and experienced all seven chakra centers within.

I hope you’re SO PROUD of your efforts, the knowledge obtained, and the connections we made.

I’ll meet you on the mat .

Allie, xx


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If your practice has waned, if your yoga journey feels lonely or you like the way I share yoga’s teachings, then this is where you need to be. Join me once a month, for free, to practice yoga as a community.

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