30 Min Chakra Yoga Flow: Cleanse Your Sacral Chakra

Welcome to your Chakra Yoga Flow to Cleanse Your Sacral Chakra.

The sacral chakra, svadhisthana, is the second energy center within the chakra system. It is your emotional epicenter and it’s linked to sensations, feelings, and emotions that manifest as thoughts, speech, and behaviors. It’s a yin, feminine energy center that reminds us to receive; to prioritize pleasure and intimacy, to have fun and play along the way, to meet change with fluidity and flexibility, to stop feeling guilty about what you need, and finally, this energy center feeds on movement to create positive, conscious change. With this information, let’s look at some sacral chakra basics. 

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Sacral Chakra Basics

  • Sanskrit name – svadhisthana
  • Location – pelvis, genitals, lower abdomen 
  • Element is water
  • Color is orange
  • Bija mantra – VAM
  • Activity is feeling
  • Self-gratification 
  • Emotional identity
  • The right to feel
  • Demon is guilt
  • Purpose – emotional wellbeing & healthy intimacy & sexuality
  • Goals – fluidity, flow, flexibility, emotional maturity, being able to feel and respond to your emotions, receptivity, intimacy, pleasure, play, and fun 

It’s very common for this energy center to be imbalanced and lean towards depletion, especially for women who feel guilty about their needs, struggle with rigidity, favor their masculine energy, and rarely make space for play and/or pleasure.

My intention is to help you with this sacral chakra imbalance, because it doesn’t have to be this way. You can have boundaries and structure, tap into your personal power, and still take a break and have fun along the way. You can put others first (like spouses and children) and also have established, non-negotiable needs. You can be emotional, feel your feelings, and still be taken seriously. 

This is the work of the sacral chakra; to embody the water element and to balance your innate feminine and masculine energies. And let’s not sugarcoat it, this work is difficult, I am with you, so here’s some sacral chakra suggestions to help you.

Sacral Chakra Suggestions

  • Write yourself permission slips to combat feeling guilty
  • Spend more time in water (bathtub, hot tub, pool, lake, ocean)
  • Strengthen your pelvis
  • Prioritize FUN! Schedule FUN into your day, week, month!
  • Meet your emotions, let yourself feel 
  • Alternate nostril breathing technique
  • Restorative supta baddha konasana with props  
  • Carve out time to strengthen your sexual relations 

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With this understanding, let’s chat about this sacral chakra yoga flow, which is why you’re here. The class is designed to awaken your pelvis through varying yoga postures, like butterfly flaps, kundalini sacral squats (which are so hard), low-lunges, lizard pose, warrior two, malasana, and more.

It’s also designed for you to move like water, to connect with fluidity and flexibility, to open yourself to pleasure and play, to connect with the ebb and flow of your breath, and to receive the medicine of your yoga practice. It ends with a soothing supta baddha konasana savasana too! 

If believing in your needs, prioritizing pleasure and play, allowing yourself to receive, and feeling your feelings is what you need…..

Then come join me for this cleansing sacral chakra yoga class!

I’ll meet ya on the mat,

Allie, xx 

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If your practice has waned, if your yoga journey feels lonely or you like the way I share yoga’s teachings, then this is where you need to be. Join me once a month, for free, to practice yoga as a community.

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