30 Min Chakra Yoga Flow: Cleanse Your Root Chakra

Welcome to your chakra yoga flow to cleanse your root chakra.

The root chakra, muladhara, is the first chakra within the chakra system. It’s the foundation, it’s the base, it’s what everything else in your energetic home is built upon. And just like a home, the foundation matters, which means your root chakra really matters. 

Today’s root chakra yoga class is centered on cleansing this energy center, so you can tap into the powerful and potent qualities that this chakra has to offer. Qualities like strength, structure, and stability, and safety, support, and security. 

Now if you’re new to the chakras, oh geeze, there’s so much I want to share with you. But for the sake of getting you on your mat and experiencing this root chakra yoga practice, I’ll stick to the basics and point you to other amazing chakra resources. 

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Root Chakra Basics

  • Sanskrit name – muladhara 
  • Location – base of the spine & entire lower body (legs, knees, feet)
  • Element is earth
  • Color is red
  • Bija mantra, LAM
  • Activity is having 
  • Physical identity 
  • Self-preservation
  • Demon is fear
  • Your right to have & to be here 
  • Purpose – survival, stability, security, physical health, individuality  
  • Goals – connection to the earth plane, feeling grounded, physical health & wellbeing, trust in yourself and others, prosperity and abundance (finances), creating and maintaining boundaries, rest and relaxation  

Your root chakra represents your primal nature. It begins to develop in your mother’s womb and is deeply tied to your childhood, and how safe and secure you felt (in relation to shelter, food, finances, warmth, touch, and love). 

It’s also deeply tied to your physical health and wellbeing, because when these are threatened, your foundation is threatened. It seems so basic, but your roots are just like a plant’s. They need nutrient dense soil (safe home), a container to support them (boundaries), abundance of water and sunlight to strengthen and nourish them (food and water), and a symbiotic relationship with the rest of nature (ability to trust). When all of these primal needs are met, plants can root down, rise high, and thrive!

And guess what? You too can root down, rise high, and thrive, and I want to help you.

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Now before you unroll your yoga mat, pause and allow yourself to reflect on the below root chakra related questions. Once you’ve completed the class, I recommend circling back and journaling on these questions as another way to cleanse and strengthen your root system. 

How grounded do you feel right now?

How’s your structure, your physical body feel? 

Do you currently feel safe and secure?

Do you create and maintain boundaries? 

Do you trust yourself and others?

Do you believe in your right to exist, be here, and have the life you dream? 

With this information, you’re now ready for this root chakra cleansing yoga class. It’s a class filled with grounding postures, movements to strengthen & nourish your legs, transitions to invoke calm and relaxation, and pranayama to anchor down, connect with the earth plane, and feel supported and safe. 

Please unroll your yoga mat & let’s begin the practice.

Meet ya there,

Allie, xx

Psst: Want to experience the entire chakra system? Click here to join my 7-Day Chakra Challenge!


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If your practice has waned, if your yoga journey feels lonely or you like the way I share yoga’s teachings, then this is where you need to be. Join me once a month, for free, to practice yoga as a community.

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