The Spring Equinox: Renewal, Rebirth, Rejuvenate, Refresh, Reset, Reconnect

What is the Spring Equinox? What is all this woo-woo talk about transformation, reflection and change? And most importantly – how do you get in on the magic?

That’s what I’m here for, to answer your questions + invite you to experience the magic. Before we dive in, let me start by saying…

Happy Spring Equinox.

Relatively speaking, the legit date is Monday, March 20 – but who’s counting, right?

Let’s start with the basics, then we’ll dive into the woo-woo, live your journey talk. Baby steps. Baby steps. I can’t spill all the good stuff right away.

First question – what is the spring equinox? 

  • The sun shines directly on the equator bringing us into complete balance with one another (so freaking beautiful).
  • The combination of the spring equinox + the full moon + the new moon is a powerful time to plant new ideas + nurture their growth.
  • Symbolic of rebirth, rejuvenation and renewal as the season changes, the days become longer, the sun brighter and the Earth greener.
  • The reason I brainstormed the Body Mind Soul Detox into existence….. I knew Mother Nature was onto something here!

Okay, you get the basics.

The equinox is a seasonal shift at it’s most grounded level.

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It’s a transition.

…… but a balanced as hell, align the world, sync all beings up kinda transition.

And because of this magical transition, many people tap into spiritual, self-growth, self-reflection practices. Think of it like this. Our planet is giving off aligned vibrations with equal parts sunlight + darkness shining upon us, this is our moment, this is our time, this is what novels are written about, when miracles can happen, when we lean into the discomfort to find comfort.

Second question – what practices should you do? You’re new to the spiritual word & want to play, but how? 

Below are a few ideas from personal experience, but please know, endless rituals exist. I urge you to seek out more information, connect with people (online or in your local community), experiment and get weird. Don’t worry – no one is watching, except possibly your partner (but our partners already know we’re weird AF, so onward)!

1. Burn the Bullshit

Before we plant seeds + manifest our journey, we first need to let go of what no longer serves us. This ritual is the jam. Like just did it for the first time and watching all my shit burn before my eyes was THE JAM.

I urge you to take a moment for yourself, write down what’s taking up unnecessary space, put all that ish in an old pot, set up a dreamy moment, and watch it burn. Watch what’s holding you back crumble, shrivel, burn bright and no longer exist.

Trust me. This works.

Below is what I recently burned during a full moon…..

  • Fear: my husband and I won’t fulfill our dreams
  • Self-doubt: my personal yoga practice + teaching practice is lacking
  • Self-doubt: I won’t experience the trainings I want + need to further my journey
  • Insecurity: my body in a bikini before Mexico
  • Fear: wholeheartedly trusting my husband
  • Fear: my success will forever be ruled by numbers

Your turn.

Write down your deepest, darkest stuff.

Watch it burn.

Feel lighter, brighter and ready for a new season.

2. Clean House

I know, this ritual is a bit boring + mundane.

…..hello monthly housekeeper, what would I do without you

We all know that Spring is symbolic of a spring cleaning, a time to open the cupboards we barely touch, go through the piles of stuff, and purge what we no longer need.

As we release + let go of material things, we’re instantly making space within us – I promise, it works, but if you need some convincing check out this incredibly popular book.

3. Journal it Out

I recommend doing this one after you burn + clean.

Why, you might ask.

Because you’re now able to come from a place of space, you’re no longer trudging around false beliefs, fears, self-doubts and insecurities. Okay, maybe you have a few here and there. But a lot of them are sitting in the donation pile, garbage bin or burned into pieces.

So get out your journal, a writing utensil, pour yourself a beautiful beverage, and write.

Write down your goals, aspirations, encouraging words, your seeds of intention. Remember, it’s springtime, it’s THE TIME to plant intentional seeds, nurture those seeds and watch them abundantly blossom as the season continues to unfold.

4. Channel the Energy

Like any seasonal/nature shift, there’s a hella lot of energy swirling around the universe, and usually it goes unnoticed, because most of us are asleep and unconsciously living our lives.

But you know better and I know better, so let’s feed off the vibrations of our planet & channel this energy into some incredible – yeah?

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A few ideas to get ya started, but real talk, anything goes here:

  • Practice yogaaaaa – duh
  • Dance, possibly naked
  • Join a women’s circle/ceremony
  • Paint, write, create something with your hands
  • Meditate
  • Practice pranayama
  • Go for a walk, run or bicycle ride

You get the picture. Move your body. Breathe. Join forces. Create. Channel.

5. Receive Love

Mmmm…..those two words are a mouthful of advice. I urge you to take them seriously and DO YOU.

Don’t let another event, to-do, or purchase come before filling your cup up. Here’s what I have in mind to get the love train rolling….

  • Commit to monthly or quarterly massages (cut back somewhere else to make this happen)
  • Hire a cleaner & use your freed up time to pursue passions, spend time with your family, or do more yoga
  • Take a bubble bath + make it a ritual
  • Go to a restorative/yin yoga class
  • Ask your partner to make love to you, like legs shaking type love

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….of course, there’s a thousand ideas, but that should help fuel the train.

6. Detox + Cleanse

Detox. Cleanse. Release. Rinse. Purify. Restore.

I touched on cleansing your house up above, but what about you? What about your body, mind and soul? Don’t we need a good rinse down from the seasons (and lifetime) past to start anew?

Hell yes you do.

Hence why I created the Body Mind Soul Detox. 

This is YOUR opportunity to focus on ALL OF YOU – shed the layers no longer needed, lay a positive, strong foundation, and invite in what is needed. It’s a 360 rebirth of who you want to become as the seasons unfold.

Ready to become that person? I already know you are, join me – click here to learn more about my NEW BMS Detox Challenges happening 2x a year!

7. Get Grounded

This one is simple, get outside + get grounded.

Because we’re dealing with Mother Nature, the vibrations of our planet, and a universal connection between all of us – it’s time to get outside and breathe in the fresh air. It’s time to get grounded.

The process is simple:

  • Step outside (without a digital device)
  • Barefoot (if weather permits)
  • Walk
  • Breathe
  • Notice
  • Listen
  • Connect

I love doing outdoor walks without devices, they’re incredibly rejuvenating + clearing for my psyche, I can’t recommend them enough – Spring Equinox or not – get outside and breathe.

8. Set Intentions

And lastly, now that you’ve burned the bullshit, made a lot of space, received love, committed to some form of a cleanse, and walked your cute butt outside – it’s time to set intentions.

This is the moment where shit gets real, where you lean into vulnerability so you can act courageously, where you believe in your passions and pursue them, where you commit to living your journey.

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Intention setting is different for everyone. There’s no right or wrong. There’s no defined way of experiencing our intentions either. It’s simply setting them + working towards them that counts.

And of course, below are a few ideas to get inspired:

  • write out a big ass list of your intentions
  • divide them into categories – body, mind and soul
  • divide up your big ass goals from your daily/weekly/monthly goals
  • create a plan, get specific here
  • write all of this somewhere again – online, in a planner, into a calendar, what works for you
  • check in with your intentions, adjust as needed, celebrate your wins + your losses, keep moving forward

That’s the jam JJ community!

I’ve given you a lot of tools + resources to honor and celebrate the Spring Equinox, now let’s get focused and commit to living our journey.

If you’re LOVING these ideas or need more inspiration, drop a post in our private Facebook group – we’re here to support you (always)!

Until next time, xoxo

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If your practice has waned, if your yoga journey feels lonely or you like the way I share yoga’s teachings, then this is where you need to be. Join me once a month, for free, to practice yoga as a community.