7 Must-Ask Questions for Aspiring Yoga Teachers

Yoga teacher training is a life changing experience, with a major emphasis on your life will change. There’s no two ways around the scenario – yogi + yoga teacher training = an awakened, badass, live with purpose soul.

Even if you “tried” to not change, it’d be impossible. The people, the training, the teachers, the concepts, the activities, the friendships made, the layers shed, and you teaching a yoga class….

Let me repeat that last statement…

You teaching a yoga class (insert scared as hell/excited as hell feeling here)!

Because this experience is SO monumental, it’s critical that you choose a well-rounded program.

Your next thought is probably something like…. How am I supposed to choose a well-rounded training?

That’s a great thought and one that every yogi should consider before dropping a couple grand and a serious chunk of their precious time.

So without further ado, below are 7 must-ask questions before choosing a yoga teacher training.

1. Is the training program a RYS?

This question is black and white, it’s a yes or no situation.

A YTT program must be a Registered Yoga School (RYS) through Yoga Alliance (the mothership of yogis). The RYS designation guarantees the program follows specific curriculum standards, continues their education, and in simplest terms – provides you with legitimate credentials.

aka… You’re officially a (badass) Yoga Teacher!

2. Who is leading the training?

Just like you wouldn’t date someone who’s of zero interest to you, you also shouldn’t train with someone of this nature.

Your YTT teacher(s) should be a well of knowledge, dedicated to the yoga practice, devout in their personal practice, and highly interested in your education and growth (as both a teacher and individual).

If you don’t’ get this vibe, on to the next one.


Also – ask if other teachers are involved in your training program. It’s beneficial to learn different perspectives, especially in the vast world of yoga studies!

3. What is the cost?

This must-do question is a bit more personal and one that will be different for everyone.

Yoga teacher trainings vary far and wide, way too far and wide to discuss here. But regardless of the program – identify what it is you can spend, if the program accepts a payment plan, if you have to pay a deposit, etc.

For a full breakdown of different YTT programs, check out my article here.

4. What style of yoga is studied?

A 200 hour yoga teacher training certification is the foundation for a yoga teaching career, it’s the tip of the iceberg, the beginning of a journey, the door that leads to a thousand more doors.

With that being said, the training usually focuses on a specific style of yoga – Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, Bikram, and so on. Based on what you like to practice and want to teach, choose a program.

If you’re completely lost, pick Hatha yoga – the oldest, most traditional form of physical postures – you can’t go wrong!

p.s. – this is what I’m trained in + an emphasis on Iyengar.  

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5. Is the program well-rounded?

This one’s a biggie yogis – ask for the curriculum before you pay the dollars!

Yoga is WAY MORE than the physical postures, the beautiful shapes, and the Instagram posts.

It’s an ancient study that involves the union of  body, mind, and spirit. This union is studied through our bodies (asanas + anatomy), multiple texts, the Chakra system, Ayurveda, Pranayama, meditation, and the eightfold path…. Plus a hella lot more!

Double, triple check that your desired program covers everything, anything, and the in-betweens!

6. What is the time frame?

Just like the cost question, this is another personal choice based on your current lifestyle + capabilities.

YTT programs can be experienced in an intense 30 day format, 60 day, 3 day weekends + virtual work, 6 months, and even 10 months.

Find the program that works for you – there’s no right or wrong here.

7. Will I finish feeling like…

a confident, knowledgeable yoga teacher?

And most importantly – will you leave your training feeling confident, educated, part of the yoga community, and ready to lead people through a transformative yoga class experience?

This question is a tough one.

A lot of factors play into answering the question above. Only you can decide if all of the above points are aligning + if you’re ready to do the work (physically, mentally, spiritually).

It’s a twofold journey yogis – don’t ever forget this!

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced yogi, wanting to teach or not, I highly recommend pursuing a YTT certification.

The experience is one of a lifetime…

Filled with unconditional love for yourself, the community, and the yogic practice. It’s a training that will teach you insurmountable concepts about your purpose, relationships, and greater ability to live without fear or ego. It’s a training that will uncover false beliefs and negative self-talk, and in turn – teach you how to live with confidence, abundance, and an overall sense of peace.

Please – pursue your yoga journey, dive in headfirst, then step onto your mat as a yoga teacher and yoga leader.

Let’s Talk – Are you currently pursuing and/or interested in becoming a yoga teacher? What additional questions do you have? And if you’re already a teacher, what questions would you add to this list?

As always – comments, questions, suggestions, or genera yoga love are welcome down below.

Until next time – xoxo!

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