5 Way to Cultivate a Morning Routine

Rise and Shine loves.

It’s time to start a NEW morning routine.

If you’re an overachiever and already have the morning thing down pat, then serious kudos to you friend.

BUT – if your morning is anything like mine, which isn’t the most inspirational start you off on the right foot kinda routine, then please stick around. We will learn to be morning lovers together, whether we like it or not.

Below are 5 ways to cultivate an AMAZING morning routine.

My hope for you and me is that this routine will:

  • Build a foundation for the day ahead.
  • Instill intention and purpose.
  • Help us to feel grounded, rooted, and peaceful.
  • Allow us to move with confidence, sincerity, and an open heart.

5 Ways to Cultivate a Morning Routine - Pin now, read later!

1. Open Your Eyes to Inspiration

The first few moments that we lie awake are incredibly important and impactful on the day ahead. Sadly, the majority of us use these moments to scroll through our social media feeds, check e-mail, and do other useless techy activities. I am the first person to admit – I LOVE looking at my Insta feed – it’s addicting. #socialmediaobsessed

I propose that instead of flashing a bright screen in front of our eyes, let’s pick up a book. Yes, a real book with a front and back cover and pages in between. Not a kindle. Not an iPad. A book.

This said book needs to be placed strategically in reach – nightstand, floor, whatever works. The goal is to switch on a lamp, crack open some inspiration, and start the day with wholesome information. Below are my favorite bedside books to divulge in:

2. Move Your Body

It’s no secret that the wellness community recommends movement – especially first thing in the morning. While some prefer a vigorous, sweat inducing morning experience, I prefer a more gentle and nurturing morning practice.

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As one would expect, I suggest a short and sweet yoga routine. Surprise, surprise! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy – just movement, breath, and intention. Here’s a few suggestions to help get the body moving:

  • Start in a standing forward fold – super bent knees, let the body hang heavy, relax the head and neck, sway a few times from side to side, bend one knee and the other, and then find stillness. Take 10 deep breaths and slowly roll up back to standing.
  • From tabletop pose – move through a few rounds of cat and cow. Close the eyes, be dramatic, move super slow, and breathe deeply into the entire body. Once the back is satisfied – find child’s pose for 10 breaths.
  • From tabletop pose – thread the needle. Inhale the right hand up to the sky, weave it through and over to the left. Bring right shoulder and ear down to the ground, keep the left hand planted, or extend to the front of the mat, or wrap around the body for a bind. Stay for 10 breaths and repeat on the left side.
  • Find a comfortable seated posture on the ground – sukasana, lotus pose, or knees bent with feet tucked underneath. Gently roll the neck out – drop chin to chest, send right ear to right shoulder, and then over to the left. If warm enough, gently roll the neck all the way around, moving slow and steady.
  • From mountain pose – move through 5 sun salutations to warm the body up. You can make these as gentle or as strong as you’d like. Your body. Your Practice. Make it your medicine.
  • Do one hip opener to release any fears, negativity, or false beliefs.

3. Meditate

Meditation is the next step in our morning routine. It purposely comes after the yoga practice because the body is warm and the mind is calm. These two components help make meditation easier and more attainable.

I SERIOUSLY struggle with cultivating any type of meditation practice and it’s time for the struggle to end. I’m fed up.

Meditation and it’s ridiculous amounts of awesome benefits are being shouted from the rooftops – literally. We don’t need any more reasons, articles, or studies to start this simple yet so effective practice. Let’s make a pact to stop the excuses.

I don’t have time. I have to do this. I have to do that. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Five minutes are all we need. I have faith that everyone can devote five minutes to bettering themselves and their day ahead. Am I right?


Wearing O’Neill leggings, Hurley Dri-Fit bra, and Love Light Stones bracelets.

Below is a simple breakdown of how to get your meditation on:

  • Find a quiet space in your home – a place where distractions disappear and the mind can settle.
  • Decide on a seated position – one where the shoulders stack over the hips, the spine can lengthen, and the belly gently supports the low back. I highly recommend a bolster, block, or blanket to aid in this comfortable seat.
  • Gently close the eyes and bring your attention towards the breath.
  • Inhale for a count of three and exhale for a count of three. Continue doing this until the mind experiences stillness. If thoughts begin to creep back in, return to the breath and refocus.
  • Stay here for 5 – 10 minutes. Feel free to use a timer, music, or whatever helps to relax and get lost in the moment.
  • Once done, notice the effects on the body, mind, and soul before opening the eyes.
  • Feel free to journal down any thoughts, notes, or aha moments after this.

4. Pamper Yourself

I’m assuming that we all need to get ready for the day now, I most definitely do. Instead of rushing through the “get ready” process, try to budget enough time to pamper yourself.

morning practice, ayurveda, yoga practice, morning yoga, yoga tutorial

During yoga teacher training, we learned about Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga) and how to wake up the “right” way. I have to admit – all of the below steps feel great, wake the body up, remove toxins, and just feel damn good.

I move through periods of doing all of the below and doing one or maybe two. There’s no right or wrong, but please try them all at least once.

  • Splash cold water on the face, massage the ears, gently rub the eyeballs, and rinse your mouth.
  • Brush the entire body down with a dry brush.
  • Massage the body with an oil based on your dosha.
  • Use a tongue scraper to remove toxins.
  • Drink warm water with lemon.

*For a full tutorial on how to do the above, read my previous post here.

5. Eat a Wholesome Breakfast

Last and definitely not least, fuel your body. I eat breakfast every damn day. I can’t live without it. My body craves nourishment in the morning and I gladly oblige.

Again – there’s no room for excuses here so don’t even try it friends. The key to mastering life and food choices is preparation. Simple as that.

healthy breakfast, morning habits, morning routine

Below are my go-to breakfast options, feel free to copy me:

  • Fruit + cottage cheese
  • English muffin + avocado + egg
  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Apple + peanut butter
  • Spinach & mushroom omelet (if time permits)

Who’s ready to wake up tomorrow and start this morning routine!

I suspect all of you are saving this post, jotting down notes, printing it out, and preparing for the day ahead. Right? I thought so.

In all seriousness, please take a moment and decide how to enrich your mornings. Maybe you start small and incorporate one or two things off this list. Or maybe you dive head first and do all five.

There’s no right or wrong answer.

Determine what your life needs to promote growth, then set an intention and DO it. Don’t second guess any of it.

What are your morning rituals?

Please comment below with any must-dos, must-knows, or how-to’s. Let’s share the love and help better one another.

One morning at a time.

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If your practice has waned, if your yoga journey feels lonely or you like the way I share yoga’s teachings, then this is where you need to be. Join me once a month, for free, to practice yoga as a community.