5 Tips to Land Your First Yoga Job

You are officially a certified yoga teacher – congrats! Your world is on fire with passion, movement and creativity. You’re beaming with light and ready to share it with the yoga world.

The only challenge is…how the hell do you find a yoga job?

That’s where I come in yogis – been there, done that – and now I can help you conquer the yoga teaching world.

Most yoga teacher training programs will touch on the business of yoga and cover topics like:

  • How to get a job
  • The average pay structure
  • How to secure private sessions + what to do + what to charge
  • How to teach a workshop + what to do + what to charge
5 Tips to Land Your First Yoga Job - Pin now, read later!

Pin now, read later!

My training program went into great detail on this topic as the studio owner was a former corporate VP who knew her ish when it came to business + yoga. And thank gosh she did because without her guidance, I’d be scouring the Internet looking for tips & tricks.

The yoga teaching world can be a bit hairy as there’s no true protocol or rhyme or reason to it. Studio owners have free reign to operate as they see fit and when they see fit. Just like any business, some owners are top notch people who are great to work with. And others….. I’ll simply leave it at that.

My wish for you is to – find a yoga job you love with a great owner, beautiful studio, and passionate students. And when all 3 of those align, teaching will become magical. It will be everything you imagined during teacher training + some.

Below are the 5 tips I learned along my yoga teaching journey. Feel free to use these verbatim, add onto them, take stuff away, weave your personal style into it, or do none of it.

As always – it’s your journey friends, I’m here to guide it.

1. Choose Your Target Yoga Studios

This first step requires a bit of  research on your part. Either do an online search for local yoga studios or reach out to fellow yogis in the community for a list of yoga studios.

The idea here is to narrow down the options to about 3 -5 studios that you’re genuinely interested in. Key word here – genuine. Don’t try to visit or audition for loads of yoga studios, that’s a mess waiting to happen.

Once you have a solid list of 3 – 5 yoga studios, now it’s time to do a bit of stalking. Or that’s what I call it. Here’s the down low:

  • Visit the studio’s website, check out the About Me page, figure out who the studio owner is.
  • Reference the studio schedule, find the studio owner’s class, and then go take it.
  • Don’t show off in hopes of being noticed. Practice with strength and ease – keep that ego in check yogis.
  • After the class – introduce yourself as a newly certified yoga teacher, ask how to get on the sub list, and then ask for an opportunity to audition.

And bam – you now have an audition at a preferred studio, the owner knows your name and face, and you got a feel for the studios environment.

Check, check, check…. you’re on the road to yoga teacher badass.

2. Prepare for the Audition

The first step is done, give yourself a hug and a pat on the back. Now let’s get down to business and start crafting a kickass yoga class.

Before you create the class, please ask yourself or the studio owner these questions:

  • What is the class description?
  • What is the student population like?
  • What is the vibe of the studio?

The studio owner should give direction with this and if they don’t, then teach what you love. I feel most comfortable teaching vinyasa flow style classes. It’s what I practice and what I love so it makes sense for me.

It simply flows… you feel me?

Also, check with the studio owner on how the audition will be performed. Some owners will have you teach them + a few of the studio teachers for a private class. Other owners will have you teach an actual class and they will take it. I experienced the latter scenario both times.

Preparation Tips:

  • Identify how long the class will be and start from there.
  • Craft an opening, middle, and closing sequence.
  • Write or type notes to bring into the class with you (I still do this).

For a detailed tutorial on how to create a yoga class, check out this post.

3. Practice the Class

This step is such a must-do. Don’t skip over it – this can make or break your audition. A yoga class can appear awesome on paper and then…sequences don’t flow, the middle section is just too damn long, or the poses are counteractive.

To save yourself the above troubles – practice your flow! Don’t be shy – practice it over and over until it’s smooth like butta.

And if you have willing family and friends (which they all should be), practice on them too!

4. Prepare a Music Playlist

Yoga + music = a no brainer.

Don’t even entertain the idea of not using a music playlist. People (including me) like background music to help drown out the exterior madness of their lives. When rushing from a day of work and to-dos, music helps wash it away and bring focus/clarity to the yoga class at hand.

It’s a requirement. Period.

And just like a yoga class has a formula to it, so does a music playlist. Here’s some easy pointers to follow:

  • Start the playlist with relaxing, slow songs to help set the tone.
  • The playlist should become increasingly energetic as the yoga sequence does too.
  • As the class starts to wind down, the music should follow suit.
  • The final song shouldn’t include lyrics as it can be distracting in savasana.

I highly recommend signing up for Spotify and paying the $10, it’s incredibly worth it as a yoga teacher. Below is a playlist I love to use. Feel free to follow me and use this playlist for classes too. 

5. Be Yourself & Breathe

Here’s the deal yoga teachers, no matter how dedicated you are to the practice of yoga, teaching yoga is a whole new ball game. It’s a different skill that like most skills, needs to be repeated and practiced – over and over.

And in the first yoga class that you teach:

You will mess up.

You will stutter.

You will lose your breath.

And you might even feel a bit dizzy…. or maybe that’s just me, LOL.

It’s normal to be nervous, shaky and a bit uncertain of your actions. But it’s not okay to doubt yourself. Yoga teacher training is an in-depth program that digs deep into our souls so that we can provide a tiny taste of that to our yoga students. Remember, you are there for the students – to help guide them, to move them, to support them, and to challenge them. It’s not about us – it’s about them.

Here’s my tips to stay calm, cool, and collected:

  • Smile at your students.
  • Take deep breaths.
  • Have a water nearby.
  • Keep notes by your yoga mat.
  • Laugh at your mistakes.
  • Don’t apologize – no one knows you made a mistake except you.

You are officially more than ready to go find a yoga job – hop to it yogi, you got this!

Until next time – xoxo.

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I wanna learn it all!

The Yoga Reset Guide is my FREE 7-step journey to deepen your practice and recenter your body, mind and soul. Self-paced, no equipment necessary, perfect for beginners AND veteran yogis.